A buzz, laughter, tinkling crockery and a little touch of jazz music in the background. The place for the daily news, the morning coffee or a meeting of a long-held friendship. Or is it just the place where someone comes to feel part of society.

The Restaurant, a place that seems more important than might be thought at first. A
place that is perhaps the ingredient of a visitor's joy of life. That if this place didn't exist, a visitor might have lived a much lonely life. Or without this restaurant would not have experienced that one encounter that led to a special friendship through which that visitor was seen, and not drowned in the hustle and bustle of today's superficial society. 

See this place not only as a bite of haute cuisine, but as a place for meeting peoplePerhaps even as a place for encounters against loneliness. Enter "The Restaurant" and experience for yourself the importance of this place in the city. 

The “The Restaurant” project portrays different characters inspired by actual guests from the restaurant where Studio DNNK owner Dann Kuiper works. Fascinated by these people, he has created various images in which these actual guests are converted into what they would look like in the world of Studio DNNK. In addition, the characters are placed in a fictional restaurant. Each character is in a part of the restaurant, so that all the images together give an impression of what the entire restaurant would look like.