The Freshness Awakens S/S 22 collaboration collection was a collection created with three different female artists from around the world. It was created with the following artists:

Studio MAM is a Copenhagen based female artist. She creates multiple soft toned graphic works. Her work has an 80’s feel to it, but the way how she combines shapes en textures her work makes her work more contemporary. 

Annemieke Louwerens is a female artist from The Hague. She has a very unique and graphic style of creating her work. She is not afraid to paint over existing work, or to use graphic prints that she finds in magazines, envelopes and posters. Normally she is working on a smaller scale but this time she was challenged by Studio DNNK to design on a larger canvas. She created this gorgeous striped wallpaper.

It has the cool feature that you can swop the whole roll around to create a more playful pattern with your wallpaper.

BBBLOB is a female artist from Singapore that created this wallpaper according to here design language. She creates this with big gestures and shapes, combined with pastel like colors.