Studio DNNK, run by Dann Kuiper from The Hague in The Netherlands, is a design studio that has its main goal to observe and translate. The studio creates projects that go from interiors and theater decors until conceptual installations that could be placed on festivals and within exhibitions.

This all is created in a stylistic approach, thriving inspiration from interiors, fashion and design from the 50’s until the 90’s. Putting this all into a big mixture to create an interesting blend. Great examples of creative master minds for Studio DNNK are Wes Anderson, Alessandro Michele from Gucci and Emiliano Salci of Dimore Milano. 

Observing and capturing our environment is where the design processes start. These observations are mostly made in our contemporary city scape and are taken from a certain point of interest or criticism inside this landscape or society.  

With driving inspiration of the observation, we are translating this into a design project to create a certain focus on the subject that we consider important and communicate this to the viewer. This to create an open conversation between the public about issues that are relative for nowadays society.